Smoothies. For dinner?

I defy anyone to justifiably deny that smoothies should not be consumed for dinner. Packed with calories, fruit and protein, they’re virtually a complete meal.

About to be Smoothied

We got the idea while perusing the Publix and stumbling on these gorgeous looking organic strawberries. They looked so juicy with their shades of deep red, we had to get them. The question that always arises is what to do with them. So, we settled on smoothies. For dinner.

Pretty standard smoothie stuff going on: vanilla soy ice cream, soy milk, strawberries, bananas and my homemade pecan butter.

Mr. Tibbs was not part of the mise en place. I promise.

Even though they were delicious, I wish I had gone a little lighter on the strawberries – they overpowered everything else.


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