Vegan Meatball Sandwiches

Vegan Meatball Sandwiches

Again, I’m not too fond of vegan substitutes for meat, but there are exceptions. And Nate’s Vegan Meatballs are one of those exceptions. It’s likely due, in large part, the ease in which they are prepared. Put them in a sauce pan, add sauce until they are coated (I use marinara, but these would be just as good with barbecue or something a bit more exotic), cover the pan and turn on medium-low. 8-10 minutes later and you’re ready to go – I promise.

And that’s exactly what I did to make these. Once complete, I like using Toufayan’s Snuggles to complete the replication. We stumbled on these wonderful little buns a few years ago and they’ve become a staple ever since. We always have a half pack in the freezer – just in case. If you see them (Publix carries them), grab them and give ’em a shot – you may be surprised.


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