Basil Pesto

Seriously, is there anything easier and as flavorful as pesto? It’s even easier (and faster) than marinara and roasted garlic.

Basil Pesto

Take fresh basil leaves, olive oil (or any oil – I use extra virgin for pesto), roasted garlic (or fresh), pine nuts (optional) and some kind of cheese substitute (also optional – I use Parma! or nutritional yeast) and put it all in a food processor (you can use an immersion blender as well, but mine was being washed). Puree until your desired consistency.

The term pesto has a very loose definition these days. Any combination of herbs and oil can be considered pesto, so use your imagination or whatever you have lying around.

Once the pesto is made, I usually put it small glass containers and put in the freezer. Oil doesn’t take long to thaw, so depending on how big of a container you use you can take it out of the freezer in as little as an hour before you need it (or less if you microwave it). When you’re done it can go right back in the freezer.

I use pesto for all sorts of stuff – risotto, potatoes, pasta or even if you’re looking to make a quick marinara sauce – because it’s just too easy to make.


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