Cilantro Mashed Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts

Some foods get better as they approach a burnt stage. Brussels sprouts are on of those foods.

Cilantro Mashed Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts

I was in utter shock when I made brussels sprouts for my wife and she actually liked them! Since then, this dish has become a staple at my house. It’s pretty straight forward and quick to make.

Depending on how much time I have, I cut up the potatoes and boil. Drain and mash with electric beaters with a lot of margarine, roasted garlic, salt and pepper. This time, however, I pureed fresh cilantro and Earth Balance with my immersion blender. Amazing.

For the brussels sprouts, I usually wait until right before I drain my potatoes to get my sautee pan really hot, add some garlic oil and the brussels. Walk away for a few minutes – they will get a nice sear on them (you can check back the first few times you make them to make sure you don’t burn them, but eventually you will have a good comfort level). Every few minutes give the pan a shake. When they’re about 3/4ths cooked (bite test) I usually add some kind of vinegar to deglaze the pan and steam them finished. Most of the time it is apple cider vinegar as it gives a really nice tart flavor initially that reduces into a really great flavor. Don’t be too afraid of adding too much – it will reduce and get sweet.

And that’s it! Really easy and time efficient if you’re doing other things while the potatoes boil and then sautee the brussels during the mashing step of the potatoes.


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