It’s official – I like mushrooms

Baby Portabella Cous Cous, Organic Broccoli

I’ve fought it for a long time, but I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I like mushrooms. I used to dislike the texture – the flavor was great in something like a broth, but the texture just didn’t sit right. Raw they were fine, but cooked? No way. Now, I didn’t go out of my way to avoid them like some people do. I just ate them and didn’t enjoy them. But something’s changed.

I’m still not sure what, exactly, but it’s like there was a switch that was suddenly flipped on my palette allowing me to enjoy them without fear or hesitation. So, with that in mind I went to test my hypothesis.

I picked up some baby portabella mushrooms at Publix (what’s up with none of the grocery stores allowing you to purchase in bulk, instead forcing you to buy them wrapped in plastic in styrofoam?) and could only think of one thing to do with them – make cous cous. I’ve likely bored you to death with how to prepare Israeli-style cous cous so I won’t reiterate those principles here.

They also had some really nice looking organic broccoli so I picked it up as well. I like to leave a good bit of the stalk on my broccoli for that extra crunch and it worked well here with the creaminess of the cous cous. Yet another fantastic fifteen-minute meal.


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