Krispy Kreme-Style Doughnuts, Veganized

Vegan Doughnuts

I’ve started deep frying again. I got rid of my Fry Daddy several years ago and never looked back. But you just can’t beat a deep-fried french fry. Really, it all started with me wanting to make my own potato chips (something I still plan on doing). Then I realized I could make doughnuts, too.

I had made the baked ones before (bought a mini doughnut pan and everything – used it once), but never the fried variety. So, with family in town, I decided to treat them for breakfast. Twice. I knew I didn’t want them to be like the baked variety, leaving me with Krispy Kreme-styled (read: yeast raised), so I went about finding a recipe. I came across this one and veganized it straight up. Ener-G for the eggs, soy milk for the dairy milk and Earth Balance for the butter. I also cut the recipe in down by half.

I then found this video which gave me a comfort level of being able to pull it off, so I went about it.

The whole process is pretty easy and anyone with a modicum of confidence in the kitchen (less would suffice as well) should be able to pull these off. I fried mine in my 3-gallon pot with less than 1.5 gallons of oil (to prevent it from burning down my house – I also have a fire extinguisher right next to it every time I fry something and turn off the burner when adding anything until I know it’s splatter free before turning it back on).

After removing the doughnuts from the oil I drained them on the paper towels and either glazed them (mmmmmmmm) or coated them in cinnamon and sugar (less, but still mmmmmmmm). There is nothing like still-warm fried doughnuts for breakfast. Just be prepared: it’s like a two hour process and you should start it accordingly. We ended up having them more for lunch, but that didn’t put a damper on their enjoyment.

I made them again the second day (bigger batch) but ran out of all-purpose flour, so I had to sub whole wheat. I also think I didn’t put enough yeast in the dough (I don’t measure it anymore), so they were a bit dense. I want to experiment a bit more with the recipe so I can get a good-for-you-if-you-ignore-the-fact-that-they’re-fried recipe in place.


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