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Seared Potatos, Asparagus, Gardein Brochettes

August 3, 2009

Seared Potatoes, Asparagus

I’ve been hearing such good things about Gardein’s line of plant-based proteins, and having been a fan of their Meal Starter Strips, I was elated to find the whole line available at my local Kroger. Even better, they had a $1 off coupon attached to each kind. So, I grabbed them all.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with the “beef” brochettes, but I figured a very traditional potato, asparagus and “beef” dish was in order. Not wanting to take the time to mash the potatoes, I went with seared slices. As always, a nice hot pan is in order. I made a olive oil, garlic, dried basil, salt and black pepper marinade of sorts and dredged the potatoes in it before adding to the pan to sear. After I got a nice color on each side, I put them in a very low oven until everything else was ready.

Using the same pan, I sauteed the asparagus while I prepared the brochettes according to the package directions. A little ketchup for my wife and we were in business. Pretty easy, and quick meal, all-in-all.

Seared Potatoes, Asparagus, Gardein Brochettes


Roasted Potatoes, Asparagus and Salsa Corn

June 20, 2009

Roasted Potatoes, Asparagus and Salsa Corn

I’m not sure how, but I ended up with 3 small red potatoes and 1 large sweet potato. Not enough to do much on their own, so I decided to roast them together. Tossing them with a little roasted garlic oil, salt, pepper and a very liberal amount of dried cilantro (again, no fresh in the house), spread them on a baking sheet and put them in a 400 degree oven until done.

Meanwhile, I trimmed my asparagus and sauteed it in more roasted garlic oil while the white corn simmered in salted water.

Just as I was about to put everything together, I remembered I had some Garden Fresh Salsa in the fridge and thought it would work well with the corn. Sometimes, when you’re right, you’re really right and this was no exception.

It came out so good we didn’t use margarine or any additional salt or pepper and we will certainly do it again.

Not counting the baking time for the potatoes, the whole thing can be thrown together in about 20 minutes if you plan it right, so it’s yet another quick, delicious meal.

Potatoes and Tomatoes

April 7, 2009

Potatoes and Tomatoes

A few months ago, with little time available, a long day behind me and too long ahead I whipped up this super-easy, super-delicious meal at work. It was a big hit and I decided to give it a shot as a meal. It was a big hit then, too.

How easy exactly? Potatoes, Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Seasonings (your choice, but I used dried basil, garlic, salt and pepper). 4 ingredients. Mix them all in a bowl, put them on a baking sheet in a 450 degree oven and walk away. We were hungry and pulled them out a little too early as I’d have preferred a little more color on my potatoes, but they were excellent anyway.

The biggest surprise? How filling it was.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Maple Pears, Roasted Potatoes

March 18, 2009

I’ve been craving pancakes for a few weeks, so I was glad to finally get time to make them.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Maple Pears

I use Cherrybrook Kitchen’s mix as they seem to be the fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever tried. Our Kroger stopped carrying them a few months ago so we picked up the last three boxes on clearance ($2.19!). Once they’re out, I’ll either start making my own or return to Aunt Jemima’s Whole Wheat Pancake Mix.

My wife likes chocolate chips and chocolate soy milk for her pancakes, but I can’t do all that sweetness so I gave her the ultimatum. She (wisely) chose to go for the former, which gave me a chance to try Enjoy Life Foods’ Chocolate Chips. Normally, I use Tropical Source’s, but these were cheaper so I figured I’d give them a try. Certainly hard to complain about ’em one way or another and I’ll likely be picking them up again.

We had some pears lying around as well so I had the genius (in hindsight) idea of sauteeing them with a little Maple Syrup. Delicious (no, not that Delicious). Sadly, I think I’ve painted myself into a corner as I’ll likely be forced to make them every time I make pancakes in the future. They were just too good.

As if that weren’t enough, I decided to make some hash brown-style potatoes. Whenever I make Mashed Potatoes, I always buy a 3 or 5 pound bag, use 2 pounds and put the rest away to use later. Several weeks later I always end up throwing them away, but not this time! As the potatoes were boiling, I cut up the rest, seasoned them up and roasted them off. Once cool, I threw them into zip lock bags and into the freezer for a rainy day. Well, today was that rainy day. I pulled them out of the freezer and threw them into a sautee pan, stirring frequently. I think we’re going to stop buying french fries and just do this from now on! So much more flavor and a lot easier to do.

Roasted Potatoes