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Quinoa Burritos

November 13, 2009

Sometimes, no matter how much we plan, something wholly unexpected happens. And sometimes it was better than the original plan. This is one of the those times.

I had been planning on making a quick vegetable stir-fry to put over quinoa for dinner. I already had the quinoa mostly done when my wife arrived home from work and asked what was for dinner. It didn’t really matter what I would have said, because she had a craving for burritos. Thinking on my feet, I switched gears entirely and came up with these.

Quinoa Burritos

As I said, the quinoa was almost done already, but I had time to add some cumin, which is all you really need to make anything taste Mexican. I had one remaining can of refried beans (the last can as I’ll be making them from scratch moving forward), so I got those hot as well.

Some baby spinach which would have been in the stir fry got marinated in a little bit of peach-mango salsa. This was our first time trying it and it was a success – we’ve purchased it many times since.

Then it was time to build the burritos. Whole wheat tortilla, spread a little Tofutti sour cream, refried beans, marinated spinach and the cumin-infused quinoa.

As I said, this wasn’t planned but it worked out way better than I was planning on making. We will certainly be having these again.


Long days, quick meals

March 13, 2009

Everything that makes you feel tired

Sometimes, there’s just not time to make a flavorful, fulfilling and healthy meal. On those nights? There’s Fantastic Foods. Quick, easy to make and most of all delicious.

Tonight’s choice? The Taco Filling. I used to just prepare it according to package directions, but I’ve gotten a little more creative with it in the past few years and I’ve finally settled into one that my wife love and rarely deviate from.

1cup of Water (down from 1 3/4)
1package Fantastic Taco Filling
1container Garden Fresh Gourmet Salsa (Jack’s Special as our local grocery stores no longer carry Artichoke Garlic or the Sweet Onion)

Bring the water to a boil and add the prepared mix. Reduce to medium and let simmer until almost all of the water is absorbed. Add your salsa and bring back to a simmer until it reaches the desired consistency. We made it a little looser tonight (for no good reason) and it was just as good as ever.

Instead of making traditional Tacos or Nachos, we use it as a dip. A bowl of the filling with salsa topped with some combination of Tofutti Sour Cream, Avocado and Shredded Lettuce. It seems the recipe over at Tofutti has changed recently and I don’t really like it anymore so I skipped it (it sure didn’t stop my wife though).


I normally like to get Garden of Eatin’s No Salt Blue Corn Chips, but didn’t want to make a special trip for them, instead opting for Publix Greenwise Organic Blue Corn Chips which we’ve used in the past and enjoyed. It’s so difficult to find both Organic and No Salt Added products. You can almost always find one or the other, but both is a bit more of a stretch.

Bowl of dip, crispy chips and that’s it. The whole thing takes less than 10 minutes to prepare (not long enough for our cats to eat, which is usually why it ends up being a little thicker than it was tonight (my working late meant the cats ate earlier than normal).